Who We Are

Blue River Casino Massage is a massage therapy staffing company specializing in casino massage services.  All massage therapists we work with are certified, state and nationally licensed massage therapists. 


The number one rule we preach to our massage therapists is to provide your guests with the best possible experience, to ensure they come back for more!   In addition to requiring state and national level licensure, we further require that each massage therapist carries independent general and professional liability insurance. 


In addition to over 13 years of experience working in and around the gaming industry, our Partners combine for over a decade of corporate finance experience, a decade of information technology experience, and roughly 30 years in supervisory and managerial roles. 

Our Philosophy & Commitment To You

While other companies may claim that you need their services, Blue River Casino Massage understands just the opposite – that WE NEED YOU.  That understanding, combined with our commitment to exemplary customer service, an inherent respect and appreciation for our clientele, and the awareness that as a service industry company it will always be in our best interest to listen to your suggestions and to do everything we can to exceed your expectations, encourages us at all times to work in YOUR best interests.  It is our sincerest hope that we will have the opportunity in the near future to work with you, and given that opportunity, we will work in earnest to guarantee you never regret your decision.

Eugene Castro

Founder, Poker Players Intl.

"Providing experienced and professional massage therapists at an event or casino is a major plus.  Blue River Massage handles all aspects of your massage therapy needs, leaving your client base very satisfied!"

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